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  • 25.07.22    MIX_SNIFF_VR65_JULY32       VALID:65

  • 25.07.22    USA_SQLDUMP_VR65_JULY31       VALID:65

  • 20.07.22    USA_SNIFF_VR72_JULY30       VALID:72

  • 19.07.22    MIX_SQLDUMP_FIXPRICE_1$_VR26_NOREF_JULY29       VALID:26 NOREF

  • 18.07.22    MIX_FRESH_SNIFF_VR90_JULY28       VALID:90 RONDA SNIFFER

  • 18.07.22    USA_SQLDUMP_VR50_JULY27       VALID:50

  • 18.07.22    USA_SPAM_VR34_FIXPRICE_JULY26       VALID:34 NOREF

  • 18.07.22    USA_SQLDUMP_VR53_JULY25       VALID:53

  • 18.07.22    USA_SNIFF_VR67_JULY24       VALID:67

  • 18.07.22    MIX_FRESH_SNIFF_VR70_JULY23       VALID:70

This is the day we changed the way to refund money for dead card. Now you may refund after purchasing instead of during transaction. Below the short instruction how to make that:
1. Buy the cards from basket as usual. You may refund money only purchasing from basket.
Warning: you cannot make refund for card that has been purchased by click-once way.
2. Go to my cards page after purchasing and you may see the card list on page top where you may select card to validate and refund if it's dead.
3. Click on "Check" button for specified card and you go to special page where you may read and copy card data to check that. We will have the specified period time when you will be have ability to make refund of this card. Please follow the timer. If you don't refund in this period this card will be marked automatically as "Approved by User". You cannot make refund if validation period is expired.
4. If you press on Refund button the system checks card in CC checker and refund money if it will be declined.
5. If the checker approves the card it marks as "Approved by CC checker" and make a charge $1.
6. If you don't agree with this status you may press on "Challenge" button and this card will be consider by admins in manual mode.

  • 15.07.22    USA_SNIFF_SMALL_VR65_JULY22       VALID:65

  • 14.07.22    MIX_SNIFF_VR70_DOB_JULY21       VALID:70


  • 13.07.22    USA_SNIFF_VR70_JULY19       VALID:70

  • 13.07.22    USA_LOW_VALID_VR25_FIXPRICE_JULY18       VALID:25

  • 13.07.22    USA_SNIFF_VR70_JULY17       VALID:70

  • 12.07.22    USA_SNIFF_VR65_JULY16       VALID:65

  • 11.07.22    USA_SQLDUMP_VR60_JULY15       VALID:60

  • 09.07.22    USA_SNIFF_VR60_JULY14       VALID:60 DISCOUNT PRICE

  • 07.07.22    USA_SQLDUMP_VR52%_JULY13       VALID:52 DISCOUNT PRICE

  • 07.07.22    MIX_NOINFO_VR65_JULY12        VALID:65

  • 07.07.22    MIX_SNIFF_VR65_JULY11        VALID:65

  • 06.07.22    MIX_SNIFF_VR65_JULY10        VALID:65

  • 06.07.22    MIX_FRESH_SNIFF_VR70_JULY9        VALID:70